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The state-of-the-art Smartlipo® Triplex® lipolysis body contouring system allows you to get the body of your dreams without surgery. This minimally invasive procedure gives you immediate, permanent results, so you can start feeling more confident right away. Leading body sculpting experts Nita Chatterjee, MD and Arabinda Chatterjee, MD specialize in minimally invasive Smartlipo Triplex treatments. Contact Medical Cosmetics of Connecticut in North Grosvenor Dale, Connecticut to schedule a complimentary consultation to find out if you’re a candidate. You can also book an appointment online or phone the office.

Smartlipo Triplex Q & A

How does Smartlipo Triplex work?

Treatment with the advanced Smartlipo Triplex laser system by Cynosure® begins with numbing your treatment area with a local anesthetic.

Your practitioner inserts a small laser fiber through a thin tube into your body. After laser energy goes through, fat cells in the targeted area rupture instantly. Once the entire area is treated, the liquefied fat cells are gently suctioned from your body.

What’s particularly beneficial about the Smartlipo Triplex technology is that it permanently gets rid of fat while promoting coagulation and collagen production by using three wavelengths of energy. This causes your skin to tighten, so you don’t have to worry about dimpling or sagging skin.

Clinical studies show that a single Smartlipo Triplex treatment can tighten skin and improve its elasticity by an average of 57%.

Which areas can be treated with Smartlipo?

Just about any area that you can’t tone or tighten at the gym can be treated with Smartlipo. Some of the most popular treatment areas include:

  • Upper arms
  • Buttocks and banana roll
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Neck, jawline, and chin
  • Abdomen and flanks

You might even be able to have multiple areas treated during a single session. If this is something you’re considering, talk with Dr. Chatterjee during your consultation to see if this is an option for you.

What should I expect during my body contouring treatment?

The entire Smartlipo body contouring treatment takes less than two hours, so you can easily get it done right after work.

Dr. Chatterjee starts by sterilizing your skin in the treatment area and injecting a local anesthetic, so you’re completely numb. While you’re awake during your procedure, you won’t be in any discomfort.

Dr. Chatterjee then inserts the small, flexible tube through a tiny incision and sends laser energy through to break down the fat, a process known as lipolysis. Your destroyed fat cells are suctioned out shortly afterward.

Because Smartlipo is minimally invasive, you won’t have a large incision or stitches. Plus, since you’re awake, you won’t have to wait during a recovery period after your procedure, like you would with traditional liposuction.

You can go home immediately afterward. In most cases, you can go right back to work within a day or two, or as soon as you feel comfortable.

Book your free Smartlipo Triplex body contouring consultation by calling Medical Cosmetics of Connecticut, or by using the online booking feature here on the website.

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